Meet the Doctor


The human body is an amazing creation that works hard to keep us living on a daily basis.  As a health care provider I love the challenge of helping people with different health issues.  Innately, I understand the body as a whole and our health care approach should be the same. 

Since graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1997 and opening my private practice.  I have seen and helped many patients with problems that were told, they would live with the rest of their life’s.  I was taught to take care of your patient’s, do your best and they will be rewarded with a life of better health.

There are many different chiropractic adjusting techniques within the chiropractic field.  I primarily use the Blair Upper Cervical Technique which addresses C1(atlas) & C2(axis) subluxations.  Did you know these top two vertebrae have no intervertebral disc!  I also use other adjusting technique such as Toggle, Activator, Thompson Drop, and extremity adjusting where needed.  Correction of a subluxation may just be the answer to your pain, discomfort or other health issue.  Please see the Links tab above for more information about the Blair Chiropractic Technique.

Before and while in college I had a passion for nutrition and other natural alternatives.  I studied and practiced using these approaches for my family and myself before making recommendation to patients.  I have seen many difficult cases that have changed people’s lives.  Addressing the body as a whole, through chiropractic and nutrition, can help your body function better and live in an optimal state of health.

Other services include Cranial Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Specific X-rays, EMS & Ultrasound, Hot Pack Therapy etc.

To Your Best Health,

Dr. Stephen J. Hunter, D.C.